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725 Summer Street, Lynn 1905.0, Massachusetts
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Private Jewels Fitness is a premier Olympic Private Fitness and Boxing Training Facility dedicated to providing personalized service and individual attention to those striving for a healthier lifestyle. Led by Alexander Sepulveda, the facility offers boxing training for individuals aged 8 and above, catering to all levels from Novice to Open Class Amateur USA Certified Boxing. The focus is on instilling discipline, endurance, structure, and education, emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The facility also hosts events such as boxing matches and offers services like Pro-Boxing Camps, Management, Training, Nutrition, and more.

The journey of Private Jewels Fitness founder, Alexander Sepulveda, is one of resilience and transformation. Overcoming personal challenges, including struggles with anxiety and depression, Alexander found solace in health and fitness. His own weight loss journey of shedding over 100 pounds inspired him to help others achieve their fitness goals. With a background in various sports and a passion for coaching, Alexander has garnered recognition for his excellence in the fitness industry, earning accolades such as Gym of The Year and Trainer Of The Year.

Private Jewels Fitness embodies a philosophy of embracing a healthy lifestyle through clean eating, regular physical activity, and a commitment to personal growth. The facility’s dedication to helping individuals become stronger, leaner, and more confident is evident in its range of services and the success stories of its clients. By combining expertise in boxing, fitness training, and nutrition, Private Jewels Fitness aims to be a guiding light for those seeking positive transformations in their lives.