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2354 Calle Del Mundo, Santa Clara 95054.0, California
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Welcome to Relentless Boxing – where passion meets precision and dreams transform into victories. Founded by the Arturo Quintero who has been boxing professionally for over 20 years, Relentless Boxing is not just another gym – it’s a sanctuary for champions in the making and those yearning to uncover the warrior within. Arturo’s dream was simple yet profound: to extend the same professional-level training that turns ordinary people into boxing legends to anyone with the spirit to step into the ring. Whether you’re driven by the allure of the limelight or the simple desire to forge a fitter, stronger version of yourself, Relentless Boxing is your arena.

If you dream of the roar of the crowd, the weight of a championship belt, or the thrill of that decisive knockout punch, Relentless Boxing is your launchpad. Our competitive training regimen is rigorous, holistic, and tailored to mould the next generation of boxing legends. Not all battles are fought in the spotlight. For those seeking an electrifying, full-body workout or the sheer exhilaration of mastering the sweet science, we’ve got you covered. Immerse yourself in a training experience that challenges both the body and mind, all while being mentored by those who’ve danced with the giants of the boxing world.

Lace up those gloves, feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, and let every drop of sweat be a testament to your dedication. Whether you’re here to conquer the world or simply to conquer yourself, Relentless Boxing is committed to fueling your journey. Join us, and let’s craft your story, one punch at a time.