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1411 South Santa Fe Avenue, Vista 92083.0, California
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Rhinos Boxing is a family-owned and operated gym that offers a positive and welcoming environment for individuals of all ages. With a focus on discipline and self-improvement, members are encouraged to drop the boring cardio and pick up gloves to enhance their physical fitness and mental strength. The gym provides unlimited group classes with experienced coaches, as well as private training sessions for those seeking personalized instruction.

Members of Rhinos Boxing are required to bring their own gloves, rope, and hand-wraps, emphasizing personal responsibility and commitment to their training. The gym promotes a culture of safety and cleanliness by implementing social distancing measures, sanitizing equipment daily, and ensuring that heavy bags are appropriately spaced. Military and family discounts are available to show appreciation for the community and support a diverse range of individuals in achieving their fitness goals.

Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the transformative impact of Rhinos Boxing, with parents praising the gym for helping their children build confidence, learn self-defense skills, and improve their physical fitness. The dedicated coaches, including Coach Antany, Mr. Aram, and Mrs. Antoinette, are commended for creating a supportive and engaging atmosphere that feels like a second home to many members. With a focus on creating a constructive and safe space for individuals to channel their energy into positive and useful pursuits, Rhinos Boxing stands out as a premier destination for those seeking a family-oriented fitness experience.