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510 Lewis Road, Santa Rosa 95404.0, California
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Ringtime Fitness is a dynamic boxing gym located in Santa Rosa, California, offering a unique fitness experience for individuals of all ages and skill levels. With a focus on safety and wellbeing, Ringtime Fitness provides high-energy workouts accompanied by music to keep participants motivated and engaged. The gym’s signature 12 Round System ensures a comprehensive full-body workout in a fun and supportive environment, where members can work towards achieving their fitness goals while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Founded on the principles of empowerment and positivity, Ringtime Fitness is more than just a gym – it is a community dedicated to helping individuals thrive and lead healthier lifestyles. The super friendly and knowledgeable staff at Ringtime Fitness create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels encouraged and supported in their fitness journey. Whether you are a seasoned boxer or a newcomer to the sport, the classes at Ringtime Fitness cater to a diverse range of talent levels, making it easy for anyone to join in and benefit from the expert guidance of their experienced coaches.

At Ringtime Fitness, the emphasis is not just on physical fitness but also on personal growth and self-improvement. Through the guidance of gifted coaches like Ira, members are inspired to push their limits, take responsibility for their choices, and embrace a path of strength and empowerment. The gym’s philosophy revolves around fostering a sense of community, positivity, and motivation, creating a space where individuals can challenge themselves, achieve their fitness goals, and ultimately lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.