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801 Crawford Road, Rock Hill 29730.0, South Carolina
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The Rock Hill Boxing Club, located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is dedicated to providing technical training in boxing, cardiovascular conditioning, and muscle strengthening. With a focus on building a foundation for boxing skills and techniques, the club caters to men, women, and children aged 8 and above. Emphasizing self-discipline and self-defense, the training offered at the club aims to improve overall health and physical fitness.

Established in the early 1980s, the Rock Hill Boxing Club has a rich history under the leadership of the late Charlie Hammond, a renowned figure in the boxing community. The current director and coach, Alonzo Lumpkin, a native of Rock Hill, brings years of boxing experience and coaching expertise to continue the club’s legacy. The club’s philosophy revolves around the belief that boxing and physical activity not only enhance health but also reduce the risk of various diseases, emphasizing the importance of regular exercise for an improved quality of life.

With a strong foundation rooted in decades of experience and a commitment to promoting health and fitness through boxing, the Rock Hill Boxing Club stands as a reputable institution in the local community. Offering technical training, cardiovascular conditioning, and muscle strengthening, the club welcomes individuals of all ages and skill levels to embark on a journey towards better health, physical fitness, and self-improvement.