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RockBox Fitness Frisco

RockBox Fitness Frisco 

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6363 Dallas Parkway, Frisco 75034.0, Texas
Detailed Information

RockBox Fitness Frisco takes an individualized approach to fitness, offering a unique boxing-based fitness studio experience in Frisco. Their innovative workouts combine boxing, kickboxing, and functional training to target every area of the body, helping individuals achieve their weight loss, muscle-building, and stress-reducing goals. With a focus on personalized fitness journeys, members of all experience levels can move at their own pace in a non-competitive environment, supported by dedicated trainers cheering them on to crush their fitness goals.

Setting themselves apart from other fitness centers in Frisco, RockBox Fitness Frisco offers a diverse range of exercises using equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, pullup bars, bands, and bodyweight exercises. Their studio features iPad kiosks loaded with over 900 workouts to keep routines fresh and engaging. Members can burn over 1000 calories during a workout and the following 24 hours, with some achieving significant weight loss results in just six weeks of regular attendance. The welcoming and supportive community at RockBox Fitness Frisco ensures that every member feels valued and encouraged throughout their 50-minute workout sessions.

At RockBox Fitness Frisco, no prior boxing or kickboxing experience is necessary, as expert trainers guide newcomers through hand wrapping and fundamental punches and kicks before each class. The studio prides itself on offering a no-judgment zone where members can focus on their fitness journey without feeling pressured to compete with others. With a commitment to providing high-quality workouts that stand out from the rest, RockBox Fitness Frisco invites individuals to experience their first class for free to discover the transformative impact their boxing-based classes can have on achieving fitness goals.

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