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3800 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines 50310.0, Iowa
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RockTop Strength Training and Boxing is a cutting-edge gym where boxing, strength training, and the latest scientific techniques converge to provide a unique fitness experience. With a focus on youth development, they offer specialized 1-on-1 training sessions tailored for young individuals looking to enhance their skills and fitness levels. The gym boasts four distinct Boxing Clubs catering to different age groups, ensuring that there is a suitable program for everyone interested in boxing and strength training.

Embracing the philosophy that everyone has to start somewhere, RockTop Strength Training and Boxing emphasizes the importance of day one in every fitness journey. Led by Coach Taylor, the gym offers a range of classes including Morning Boxing, Scrappy Boxing for ages 5-7, Youth Boxing for ages 8-13, and Boxing Club for ages 14 and above. For those seeking a more competitive edge, the Competition Boxing Club provides a platform for honing advanced boxing skills and techniques.

Located within the Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines, Iowa, RockTop Strength Training and Boxing is dedicated to changing lives through the power of boxing. In addition to structured classes, the gym also offers personal training, boxing lessons, and body tempering sessions to cater to individual fitness goals. With a focus on combining traditional boxing with modern training methods, RockTop Strength Training and Boxing is at the forefront of revolutionizing the fitness industry.