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1350 West Roosevelt Street, Phoenix 85007.0, Arizona
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In 1998, Rodríguez Boxing Club established itself as an authority in the boxing industry through innovative equipment design and global involvement in the sport. The club aims to empower individuals by instilling a sense of strength and determination when they put on a boxing glove. With a focus on creating champions and changing lives, Rodríguez Boxing Club is dedicated to helping individuals push their limits and achieve their goals in the world of boxing.

Since 2007, Rodríguez Boxing Club has expanded its expertise to include mixed martial arts, becoming a prominent brand in high-level combat sports. The club excels in kickboxing, cage fighting, and mixed martial arts, offering a comprehensive approach to combat sports that aligns with the demands of modern culture. Whether clients are looking to enhance their stand-up game, master wrestling techniques, or adopt a holistic training philosophy, Rodríguez Boxing Club provides the tools and support needed to excel in the ring.

With a commitment to serving fighters, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts, Rodríguez Boxing Club offers a range of services including gear, clothing, and valuable information to support individuals on their journey to success. Whether clients are aspiring to compete professionally or simply improve their fitness levels, Rodríguez Boxing Club is dedicated to being a reliable partner in their pursuit of excellence in the world of combat sports.