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1710 Washington Street, Kansas City 64108.0, Missouri
Detailed Information

Sequence Climb is a vibrant bouldering, fitness, and yoga facility dedicated to providing a high-quality and inclusive space for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. Our mission is centered around fostering a supportive community where climbers, yogis, and fitness enthusiasts can come together to challenge themselves, grow, and connect. With a focus on bouldering, our hall offers a dynamic environment for both novice and experienced climbers to explore their limits and build strength in a collaborative setting. In addition to climbing, our facility features a range of fitness equipment including Campus boards, Kilter Boards, and more to help individuals enhance their strength and stamina.

At Sequence Climb, we believe in the power of community and connection beyond just physical fitness. Our space is designed to be more than just a workout facility; it’s a place where individuals can relax, socialize, and unwind. Whether you’re looking to push your climbing skills, find your flow in yoga, or engage in a variety of fitness activities, Sequence offers a unique setting for individuals to explore their passions and build relationships. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity ensures that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome and valued.

Located in Kansas City, MO, Sequence Climb is not just a place for exercise but a hub for personal growth and camaraderie. With a range of classes, training areas, and a welcoming atmosphere, we invite you to join our community and discover the joy of bouldering, fitness, and yoga. Stay connected with us for updates on special deals and events as we continue to evolve and grow alongside our incredible community.