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648 South Scenic Avenue, Springfield 65802.0, Missouri
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Smitty’s Mid-West Boxing Gym is a community-focused establishment founded by Darrell Smith, a boxing champion with a passion for bettering his community. The gym offers a wide range of services aimed at promoting fitness, protection, and personal development. Beyond boxing training, Smitty’s provides tutoring in subjects like math and public speaking, self-defense classes, and free training for individuals with disabilities. The gym’s philosophy revolves around instilling discipline, leadership, and education in at-risk youth to steer them away from negative influences and towards a brighter future.

With a rich history rooted in Darrell Smith’s early boxing successes and military service, Smitty’s Boxing Gym has evolved into a safe haven for at-risk teens seeking guidance and structure. The gym goes beyond traditional boxing training by incorporating volunteer tutors, self-defense courses, and educational resources to empower its members. By requiring a B average for training and offering tutoring support, Smitty’s emphasizes the importance of academic discipline alongside physical fitness, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education both inside and outside the ring.

Smitty’s Boxing Gym stands out as a beacon of hope in the community, providing a holistic approach to youth development through a combination of boxing training, academic support, and personal protection classes. By offering specialized programs for kids, women, and individuals with disabilities, the gym caters to a diverse range of individuals in need of guidance and empowerment. Through its commitment to fostering leadership skills, discipline, and education, Smitty’s aims to break the cycle of unguided youth and create a positive impact on the community at large.