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4419 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood 33021.0, Florida
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Supreme Team Boxing offers fitness through boxing classes designed to help individuals get in the best shape of their lives. With the opportunity to burn an average of 700 – 1000 calories in each hour-long class, clients can achieve their desired results at Flaco’s Community Boxing Gym. The gym provides intense workouts suitable for any skill level, catering to beginners seeking to improve their fitness without entering the ring, as well as seasoned fighters preparing for upcoming competitions. Flexible memberships and a variety of class options make it convenient for individuals to find a training program that fits their schedule.

At Supreme Team Boxing, clients have access to private lessons and personal training sessions to further enhance their boxing skills and overall fitness levels. The gym’s dedication to helping individuals achieve a fit, fight-ready physique is evident in their tailored training programs and commitment to providing a supportive community environment. By offering a range of services and training options, including personal attention from experienced instructors, Supreme Team Boxing ensures that each client receives the guidance and support needed to reach their fitness goals.

With a focus on promoting fitness, discipline, and skill development, Supreme Team Boxing embodies a philosophy of continuous improvement and empowerment through boxing. Located in Hollywood, FL, the gym invites individuals to experience the benefits of boxing training in a dynamic and engaging setting. Through their active presence on Instagram and the opportunity to showcase clients’ progress using the #BoxFCG hashtag, Supreme Team Boxing fosters a sense of community and motivation among members, reinforcing their commitment to helping individuals achieve peak physical fitness.