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5086 Douglas Road, Toledo 43613.0, Ohio
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Founded in 1923, Toledo Golden Gloves is a proud member franchise of the Golden Gloves of America, Inc. The organization is dedicated to providing young athletes with a nurturing environment to develop essential life skills through the sport of boxing. With a focus on character development, discipline, and sportsmanship, Toledo Golden Gloves has been instrumental in promoting amateur boxing in the United States and producing top competitors for national and international events.

Committed to its mission of enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of young athletes, Toledo Golden Gloves offers a range of programs that cater to both male and female boxers. Through local and regional tournaments, as well as a prestigious National Tournament of Champions, the organization provides opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills and build lasting leadership qualities. With a philosophy rooted in the belief that champions are made from within, Toledo Golden Gloves strives to instill a sense of pride, self-respect, and work ethic in all participants.

With a network of thirty franchises across the United States, Toledo Golden Gloves is at the forefront of fostering a safe and engaging environment for aspiring boxers. By upholding the values of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance, the organization continues to uphold its legacy of empowering young athletes to reach their full potential both inside and outside the ring.