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20014 North 77th Drive, Glendale 85308.0, Arizona
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Total Package Basketball, founded by Craig and Megan Murray, is a premier basketball training program based in Glendale, Arizona. With over 22 years of experience, Craig Murray, a former collegiate player and coach, leads the program with a philosophy centered on fundamental skill development and character building. Total Package Basketball offers a range of services including weekly training sessions, team practices, and individual workouts, catered to athletes of all levels from elementary to professional. The program boasts a track record of success, having helped numerous players transition to higher levels of competition, including collegiate and professional ranks.

Craig Murray’s extensive background as a player and coach, coupled with his network of collegiate connections, sets Total Package Basketball apart as a trusted and respected training program in the basketball community. The program’s motto, “You’re Only as Good as Your Last Performance,” reflects their commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in every session. Megan Murray, co-founder and head girls team coach, brings her own wealth of experience as a former collegiate player and successful high school coach, further enhancing the program’s coaching expertise and player development strategies.

With a focus on attention to detail and personalized coaching, Total Package Basketball has a proven track record of helping athletes achieve their basketball goals. Megan Murray’s coaching accolades, including league titles and a state championship, highlight the program’s dedication to excellence and player success. As a family-run business, Total Package Basketball not only provides top-notch training but also fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for athletes to thrive and reach their full potential on and off the court.