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201 Canterbury Lane, Bolingbrook 60440.0, Illinois
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Valencia Boxing is a youth-focused boxing program that has been a proud member of the USA Boxing Association for over a decade. The program is dedicated to teaching young students the fundamentals of boxing, instilling values such as discipline, self-esteem, confidence, and courage to help them navigate life’s challenges. Emphasizing the motto “Boxing and Books, a Knockout Combination,” Valencia Boxing places a strong emphasis on education, offering after-school activities that include both boxing instruction and academic support to help students excel both in and out of the ring.

Valencia Boxing provides students with the opportunity to compete in tournaments at the local, national, and international levels through the USA Boxing Association. The program believes in fostering well-rounded individuals who are not only skilled in boxing but also actively engaged in their community. With a focus on community service, Valencia Boxing offers various volunteer opportunities to teach children the importance of giving back and being productive citizens. By combining athletic training with academic support and community involvement, Valencia Boxing aims to guide young individuals towards becoming successful and contributing members of society.

Through its commitment to youth development and community engagement, Valencia Boxing strives to create a supportive and empowering environment for students to grow and thrive. By integrating boxing training with educational support and community service opportunities, Valencia Boxing equips young individuals with the skills and values necessary to succeed both inside and outside the ring. With a strong emphasis on discipline, education, and community involvement, Valencia Boxing is dedicated to shaping the next generation of well-rounded and socially conscious leaders.