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VersaClimber, the original cardio climber since 1981, is a pioneer in total body, vertical cardio climbing. Made in the USA, VersaClimber offers a full-body workout that combines zero impact, high-intensity cardio with resistance training. Backed by science, VersaClimbing is known for its effectiveness in burning fat and calories efficiently, making it a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking a challenging yet rewarding workout experience.

Heart Rate Inc., the company behind VersaClimber, has a rich history of innovation in the fitness industry spanning over 40 years. With a focus on providing cutting-edge cardio equipment, including the original high-intensity total body cardio climber with resistance training, Heart Rate Inc. has revolutionized the way people exercise. The company’s commitment to manufacturing all products in the USA showcases its dedication to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring customers receive top-notch fitness equipment.

Founded in 1981 by Dick Charnitski, Heart Rate Inc. introduced the VersaClimber as the first commercial exercise machine to incorporate heart rate monitoring, setting a new standard in total-body cardio workouts. With a strong emphasis on total-body exercise and performance enhancement, VersaClimber has become a trusted name in the fitness industry, offering athletes and fitness enthusiasts a versatile and effective training tool to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness levels.