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276 Church Street, Newton 2458.0, Massachusetts
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The West Suburban YMCA is a charitable non-profit organization that has been serving the communities of Newton, Watertown, Belmont, Weston, and Wellesley since 1877. With a focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the YMCA aims to strengthen the foundations of the community. Through a variety of programs and services, the organization works towards building confidence in kids, helping individuals achieve health goals, and fostering connections among people from different backgrounds to improve neighborhoods.

As one of the oldest YMCAs in the United States, the West Suburban YMCA has a rich history of community involvement and impact. The organization relies on the generosity of the community to keep its programs open and accessible to all. With a dedicated staff and volunteers, the YMCA is committed to delivering on its cause to strengthen the community and create a better “us.” By providing community benefits, financial aid, and partnering with strategic allies, the YMCA continues to expand its reach and make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Today, the West Suburban YMCA is stronger than ever, serving more individuals and families than at any other time in its history. With a focus on working together for the greater good, the organization embodies the spirit of collaboration and community building. By encouraging participation, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a sense of belonging, the YMCA plays a vital role in enhancing the well-being and quality of life for all members of the community.