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3800 River Road, Yakima 98902.0, Washington
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The Yakima YMCA Aquatic Center is a community-focused organization that goes beyond just being a fitness facility. By becoming a member, individuals are not only investing in their own well-being but also contributing to positive change within the community. With a history spanning over 110 years, the YMCA has a proven track record of listening to and addressing the evolving needs of the community.

At the Yakima YMCA Aquatic Center, the core values of nurturing children’s potential, promoting healthy lifestyles, and fostering social responsibility are at the heart of everything they do. Through a range of services and programs, the YMCA aims to empower individuals of all ages to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. By joining the YMCA, members become part of a larger cause that aims to create a positive impact on both personal growth and community development.

With a strong commitment to community engagement and social impact, the Yakima YMCA Aquatic Center stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for individuals and families. By upholding a philosophy centered on holistic well-being and community service, the YMCA continues to be a trusted partner in promoting a healthier and more connected society. Joining the Yakima YMCA Aquatic Center means embracing a lifestyle that not only benefits oneself but also contributes to the greater good of the community.