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The Buffalo Boxing Club

The Buffalo Boxing Club 

Contact Information
259 Amherst Street, Buffalo 14207.0, New York
Detailed Information

The Buffalo Boxing Club is a premier establishment dedicated to providing top-notch boxing training for individuals of all ages and skill levels. With a strong emphasis on learning proper technique and fundamentals, our experienced trainers offer a beginners class that not only helps participants get a great workout but also instills a deep understanding of the sport. Our philosophy, inspired by the legendary Muhammad Ali, encourages perseverance and champions a mindset of resilience and determination.

In addition to our beginners class, we also offer a fun and engaging program designed specifically for kids aged 6-12, aimed at introducing them to the world of boxing in a safe and supportive environment. With classes available daily and open gym hours throughout the week, our facility provides ample opportunities for individuals to hone their skills and improve their fitness levels. For those seeking personalized attention, private one-on-one training sessions are also available to cater to specific goals and needs.

Established with a passion for boxing and a commitment to excellence, The Buffalo Boxing Club is proud to be a leading destination for those looking to embark on their boxing journey. Our dedication to providing quality instruction, fostering a sense of community, and promoting a healthy lifestyle sets us apart as a trusted resource for individuals seeking to enhance their boxing skills and overall well-being. Join us today and experience the transformative power of boxing firsthand.

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